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Theme for 2013: Milestones to Freedom: Resistance, Resolve, Emancipation & Entrepreneurship


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Buxton Village Guyana

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by Dr. Clayton Bacchus


Rememba Father Hemadin

Rememba Parson Luke

Rememba Fred Seaforth

Rememba Teacher George Young

Rememba the Anglican church bell

Its daily ringing was a ritual

Buxtonians were spiritual

Rememba Teacher Seaton Griffith

Walked and talked like a prophet

Inter-generational conversation was a great part of the education

Rememba Cousin Clara

Opposite burial ground

Fermented mauby and hot cross buns

Rememba Miss Eva and Cousin Cecelia

The train Station

Black pudding yummy and souse gummy

Rememba Line Top

Causal walk

Family talk




Rememba County

With Teacher Sydney

Rememba Tipperary hall

Where we danced all

Rememba the sea wall

Where we played ball

Rememba Tata Tom

At the brush dam

Squatting was his doctrine

A black man wid coolie thinkin


Rememba the backdam

With plenty buck yam

Bitter cassava

And juicy guava

Rememba under the tamarind tree

Every voice was free

Old and young bonded fearlessly

Rememba under the mango tree

Money never come easily

But black man and coolie lived happily

Rememba under the jamoon tree

Dreads and bald heads chanted faithfully

Days of healthy poverty

Nights of sweet memories

Linger indelibly.


By: Quintin Bacchus 






By Ovid S. Abrams


Oh liberty, we need you now! Come hastily!

Smite the enemy and set our people free;

Come! Sever the chains of captivity

And restore black freedom and dignity.


Let us have real hope and equanimity,

And tear down all-white supremacy;

Let’s break the yoke of dependency

And emerge with freedom and equality.


America has a color bar, you’ll all agree:

It’s as bright as daylight for all eyes to see;

The white man has no integrity,

Trample blacks to build prosperity.


The white hypocrites preach democracy,

But snuff out signs of homebound liberty;

The land of the brave, home of the free,

For the snow-white bunny; not for you and me.


They whitewash Jesus and Christianity,

Subdue us to slavery and captivity;

With atrocious acts of depravity,

Create ethnic strife and disunity.


We’ve triumphed at all-white university,

With suma cum-laude and PhD;

Beguiled by talks of upward mobility,

And repulsed by bigotry and hypocrisy.


They devise dubious claims of diversity,

But deny black people equal opportunity;

There’re diverse shades of white, you see;

Among them, there’s dubious diversity.


No white man gives up power easily;

His tainted wealth, stolen prosperity:

Or relinquish his stranglehold because of pity,

Let’s repulse hate; recapture our dignity.


Let us fight on, fight on, for that’s the key,

Upward and onward just for you and me.

Rise up! Get up from your bended knee:

Repulse their Statue; Take back your liberty.








by Wayne Jones


Woman, Woman where are you?

I’m up there, in front.

From the dint of their crude gain

Through my surrender to tradition,

And girded in the rigour of pure gift.


Justness here I come, proud and visible.

Ain’t no stopping us now.

‘cause none of them can stop the time.

O give me your hand dear brother.

Thanks, kind sister, and you go girl!

Celebrating Black & Women’s Herstory Month
The Feminine Physique
Remember to rememba

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