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St. Augustine’s Anglican Church


With a gift of two acres of land from then Friendship proprietor, John Gardiner Austin, in 1838, the Anglican body established the first church and first primary school in the community.

Noticeably missing from the landscape is the giant Koomacka (silk cotton) tree which stood in front of the church for some 200 years before it fell down a few years ago.

Buxton Secondary School.


This was originally St. Augustine’s Anglican School, which later became Friendship Government Primary School. In the late 70’s, it was converted to Buxton Community High School and, in September 2011, upgraded to become the new Buxton Secondary School

Buxton Health Centre

Located on Company Road, adjacent to the market, this spanking new building was the initiative of Jaybees Medical International, a  group based in Washington, DC of the USA.

The project to rebuild the health centre was the brainchild of Genevieve Bathersfield. George Abrams, CPA is the group’s Chief Executive Officer.




Dr. Ramdeholl’s Hospital

The building (at right) housed one of the first hospitals on the East Coast and was owned by Dr. J.E. Ramdeholl. The generous doctor, who also served as a village councilor, later donated it to the village for its Community Centre. It also housed the former Buxton Government Secondary School (which was later merged into the Bladen Hall Multilateral School). A public library is still located on the ground floor.

Right behind this building, along Watson Street, was a row of apartments which housed the nursing staff.

GMO Residence

This house, located on Friendship Middle Walk, was the designated residence of the Government Medical Officer.

Buxton Practical Instruction Centre

The Centre is located a few yards south of Pond Dam, between Company Road and Clyde Roopchand Street. It was formally opened in September 2011 and currently offers training in Carpentry, Joinery, Agriculture and Home Economics Science.

Day classes cater to students preparing to complete the Secondary Competency Certificate Programme. The centre's afternoon training programme caters to adults and early school leavers.

Friendship Primary School

This replaced St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic School.


Company Road Primary School

This is the former Friendship Methodist School.

Company Road Nursery School

This school is located on Company Road on the site that previously housed the clerk to the Vigilance Magistrate. The Magistrate’s house, and later the residence of the Region Four chairman, was secreted between the homes of the clerk and the Government Medical Officer (GMO).

Friendship Nursery School

This school is located on the Embankment Road, on the site of the former Buxton Trade School

Buxton Post Office.

This is located along Friendship Embankment Road, adjacent to the Market/Village Hall and Health Centre.

Buxton-Friendship Market

The once bustling commercial arena, pictured at right, is located on Friendship Company Road, close to the Embankment Road.

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