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Theme for 2013: Milestones to Freedom: Resistance, Resolve, Emancipation & Entrepreneurship

Purchase of Buxton


On 1st August, 1838, slavery was officially abolished in Guyana. But for four years preceding this occurrence, the slaves served a period of apprenticeship through which they earned small amounts of compensation for their labour. From their meagre wages, they resolutely saved some of their earnings, which they later pooled to purchase abandoned plantations. Plantation Northbrook was the first to be purchased, in November 1839, by 83 labourers. It was renamed Victoria after the British monarch of the day.

 Next, one hundred and twenty-eight of their fellow labourers from plantations between Lusignan and Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara, pooled their resources to acquire the 500-acre Plantation New Orange Nassau from its proprietor, James Archibald Holmes, for $50,000, in April 1840. The newly established village was renamed Buxton in honour of Thomas Fowell Buxton, a British Member of Parliament, who had campaigned tirelessly for the abolition of slavery in the British colonies.

It should be noted that although Victoria was purchased before Buxton, Buxton obtained its transport first-2nd January, 1841.

In 1841, another 168 labourers came together and purchased Friendship, a 500-acre plantation adjacent east of Buxton for $80,000. They then merged the two communities to form the largest village in the country, commonly referred to as Buxton.

The founding fathers proceeded to lay out housing lots at the front of the village and corresponding farm lands at the back. They worked tirelessly building roads, digging drainage trenches and planting crops. They also created an administrative body, the Buxton-Friendship Village Council to oversee the maintenance of village infrastructure, collect property taxes, and to ensure residents adhered to a strict code of decency and morality by imposing fines on violators who committed such offences as public intoxication, use of profane language, gambling and fighting.

Religious worship and Education were also very important to villagers. Places for the establishment of Christian churches and schools were allocated to the Congregational, Methodist and Roman Catholic Churches. The Anglican Church had already planted roots in the community before it was acquired by the former slaves. According to Eusi Kwayana’s Buxton Friendship in Print & Memory (pp 27), “They made it clear that this was in gratitude for what God had done for them in relieving them from their captivity.” These institutions were later followed by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Church of God, The Lutheran Church, Brethren Church, the Jordanites,  the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, Assemblies of God, Full Gospel Church, and a number of small ‘Faithist’ groups.

Except for a small number of East Indians who reside around the northwestern border of the village, Buxton-Friendship has remained largely a village of African descendants. As a result, it boasts a culture deeply rooted in African and Christian traditions.




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St. Augustine’s Anglican School

St. Augustine’s Anglican Church original building

St. Augustine’s Anglican Church current building


2. ADAMS, Cadgo

3. ADAMS, Cudgo

4. ADAMS, Duncan

5. BACCHE, Lewis

6. BAILY, Assi

7. BAILY, Colin

8. BAILY, Dundas

9. BAILY, Frank

10. BAILY, Quamina

11. BAILY, Robert

12. BATIFIELD, Charles

13. BERGESS, Hercules

14. BRIAN, Roger

15. BRUTUS, Albert

16. BRUTUS, Valentine

17. BURION, Michael

18. CALVANDER, Cyrus

19. CAMPBELL, Friday

20. CASTELLO, John

21. CASTILO, Nero

22. CATO, Bonopart

23. CHESTER, Billy

24. CORIAN, Downes

25. COVE, GlasCow

26. CUFFY, Charles

27. CUFFY, Christmas

28. CUMMINGS, Murry

29. DAVID, Hoxboroug

30. DEAL, Martin

31. DIAMOND, Mary

32. DIAMOND, Murry

33. DUKE, Sandy

34. ESTMAN, Hanibal

35. ENTERPRISE, Charles


37. ENTERPRIZE, Trotman


39. FALLETT, John

40. FARLEY, Isaac

41. FILLINGTON, Charles

42. FOX, Abraham

43. FRANCIS, Edward


45. GIBSON, Tom

46. GILL, Jacob

47. GLASCOW, Shappo

48. GREENFIELD, Granville


50. HANNIBAL, M’Donald

51. HAY, Rasmas


53. HOPKINSON, Glascow


55. HOSSANNA, Primo

56. HANTLY, Captain

57. JARVIS, Duncan

58. JEMMIE, Perot

59. JONES, James

60. JONES, Matthew

61. JONES, Novell

62. KING, Daniel

63. LESPRANCE, Farmer

64. LONDON, David

65. LONDON, James

66. LUSTALL, Jack

67. MACK, Alnum

68. MANUEL, Billy

69. MARRANT, Stephen

70. M’BETH, Dr.

71. M’KAY, Columbus

72. M’KAA, Prince

73. M’KAY, Richard

74. M’KAY, Sammy

75. M’KENZIE, Alexander

76. M’KENZIE, Charles

77. M’KENZIE, Corobal

78. M’KENZIE, Corporal

79. M’KENZIE, Howe

80. M’KENZIE, Nicholas

81. M’KENZIE, Present

82. M’KENZIE, Simon

83. M-CRA, John

84. MECRA, Luben

85. MESSIAH, Charles

86. MIKE, John

87. MOFFAT, Caesar

88. MORIAN, Stephen

89. NEWTON, Adam

90. OSANNA, Primo

91. PAUL, Prince

92. PHIFFIE, Cornett

93. POLLARD, Harry

94. PORTER, Ben

95. PORTER, Roderick

96. QUAMMIE, Bob

97. QUAMMINA, Calias

98. ROBINSON, Jack

99. ROGERS, Lamb

100. ROGERS, Nelson

101. ROSS, Alexander

102. SAM, Alexander

103. SAM, Aukeva

104. SANCO, George

105. SARRY, Glascow

106. SCOTT, Corn

107. SCOTT, John

108. SCOTT, Simon

109. SIFOX, Kingsgate

110. SIMON, Primo

111. SMITH, Alexander

112. SMITH, John

113. SPENCER, David

114. STEPHNEY, Captain

115. STOAN, Adam

116. STUART, Bob

117. STUART, Castello

118. STUART, Coboas

119. STUART, David

120. STUART, Edward

121. STUART, James

122. STUART, Providence

123. STUART, Punch

124. STUART, Thomsin

125. THORNTON, Bat

126. THORNTON, Howard

127. TRIM, York


129. WILL, Pero

130. WILL, Simon

131. WILLIAMS, John

132. YOUNG, Walter          

                                  May 11, 1840

Source: Alick Sancho

“Children of Sancho”


Purchasers of Buxton

1. Hercules Abraham

2. La Fleur Achille

3. Matilda African

4. Bond Alexander

5. Pitt Alexander

6. John Allick

7. David Anderson

8. Christopher Apollo

9. Rosa Apollo

10. Friday Assay

11. Peter Assay

12. Dick Austin

13. Elizabeth Austin

14. George Austin

15. Charles Bacchus

16. Harry Bacchus

17. Lewis Bacchus

18. Smith Bacchus

19. Bishop Bailille

20. Nero Balille

21. Esculas Barnett

22. Bristol Barrett

23. Jupiter Basset

24. Thomas Batson

25. John Beathen

26. Ben Benjamin

27. Alfred Bennett

28. Dundey Bentinck

29. Isabella Bentinck 

30. Richard Bernard

31. Byron Bishop

32. Zoutman Blair

33. Corbis Boatswain

34. Valentine Boatswain or Boston

35. Brutus Bollers

36. Barry Bone

37. Nanny Bone

38. George Bradford

39. Chloe Brush

40. Dryden Brush

41. Peter Brush

42. Phoebe Brush

43. Quammy Cambridge

44. Johnson Castello

45. Sharper Castello

46. John Cayenne

47. Pomelia Chester

48. Pitt Christmas

49. William Coggin

50. Cornelius Creighmought

51. Spencer Creswell

52. Harry Cuffy

53. Morgan Cuffy 

54. Cambridge David

55. Cudjoe David

56. Nero David

57. Quammy David

58. Primas Diamond

59. Flora Dick

60. John Dick

61. Morrison Dick 

62. Johnny Dixon

63. Butcher Dorset

64. Charles Douglas

65. Gilbert Douglas

66. George Douglas 

67. Grace Douglas

68. Humphrey Douglas

69. Martha Douglas

70. Murphy Douglas

71. Pollard Douglas

72. Potex Douglas

73. Prince Douglas

74. Sancho Douglas

75. Warren Douglas

76. Dolly Best Dublin

77. Philip Enmore 

78. David Floris

79. Bailey Fowler

80. Nelson Fowler 

81. Jacob Fox

82. Abraham Frank

83. Brown Frank

84. Mars Fraser

85. Tiane Fraser

86. George Friday

87. Frank Fullerton

88. Bob George 

89. Mure Giddens

90. Daniel Glasgow

91. Fortune Glasgow

92. Helen Glasgow

93. James Glasgow

94. Stan Glasgow

95. Stephney Glasgow

96. Sam Goding

97. Cork Gold

98. Henry Goodluck

99. Hamlet Gordon

100. Cudjoe Graham

101. Frank Graham

102. Daniel Grant

103. Isaac Grant

104. Maria Grant

105. Moses Grant

106. Success Grant

107. Aneilla Green

108. Anthony Greenidge

109. Fortune Grenada

110. Stever Grenada

111. Ned Griffith

112. Eliza Gumbo

113. James Hamilton

114. Joe Hamlett 

115. Pitt Harroway

116. Trim Herod

117. Taffin Hopkinson

118. Stephen Hosanna

119. Kitt Isaac

120. Dolly Bess Jarvis

121. Harriet Jarvis

122. Clementa Jones

123. Jacob Lewis

124. James Macbeth 

125. Wikon Manuel

126. Trim Mark

127. Brown McKenzie

128. Henry McKenzie

129. Joe McKenzie

130. Elias Nathaniel

131. Alonzo Nelson

132. Trim Nero

133. Chester Paul

134. Paul Paul

135. Phillis Pollard

136. Abraham Pompey

137. Sandy Pompey

138. Allen Porter

139. Dallas Porter

140. Eliza Porter

141. Gardiner Porter

142. Henry Porter

143. Stewart Porter

144. Robin Ramsay

145. Kitty Best Ranger

146. Phoebe Read

147. David Reid

148. Dick Robinson 

149. Stephen Rodney

150. Willis Rodney

151. Alimas Rogers

152. William Rumble

153. Giles Sampson

154. Michael Sandy

155. Rosa Sandy

156. Benjamin Shand 

157. Alfred Sharper

158. Douglas Sharper

159. Anthony Spencer 

160. Frederick Stewart

161. William Thomas

162. Welcome Thornton

163. Butcher Waddell

164. Patience Watson

165. Gabriel William

166. Austin Wilson 

167. Kate Wilson

168. Richard Wilson

169. Kinsale Wrong


Source: Royal Gazette, Volume XLIX, Transport No. 7601; published 28 October, 1854—Colonial Registrar’s Office, Counties of Demerary and Essequibo.


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“The race of people who do not thirst with assiduity for Education is doomed. You and your children must make the sacrifice. If you don’t, then the great dreams of the people who bought and established these villages will be undeservedly squandered.”


The Legendary Simeon Josephus “Prophet” Wills

At the dedication of The Buxton Monument

In honour of the Centenary Anniversary of Emancipation

1st August, 1938






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